WHY AMJ Campbell International

We are connected around the world

A core commitment of our business is to deal with the most professional, financially-sound and ethical overseas moving companies as partners around the world.  Our team is continually visiting and re-visiting foreign warehouse facilities and strengthening the partnerships we have around the world to better service our customers.

We have the right people to help you

Managing the intricate steps involved in any international move requires a systematic approach to planning but one that also anticipates the unexpected.  The key to your successful move lies with the experts who will help you along the way.  Whether it’s our internationally-trained crew in your home or your experienced move coordinator managing all of the details, the role of all of our team members is to understand your needs and translate these into action.

We are Judged Highly by our Peers!

When our global partners need help moving their clients to or from Canada, no other Canadian international moving company is called upon for help more often than AMJ Campbell International.

Strong Values & Principles

Our team is guided by the highest possible ethics.  Our business and service practices are all geared to protect your personal belongings and your privacy.  We have an embedded culture of providing our customers with peace of mind, and reducing the natural stress that occurs during an international move.

Reach Your Destination 100% Sure And Safe

Experience the freedom of International Moving.