Insuring Your Shipment

Why is Transit Protection needed?

Despite our very best efforts to protect your belongings in every possible way, there are inherent risks when shipping overseas.  We are at the ready to help you select the right transit protection coverage to further safeguard your belongings against an unforeseeable event.

How is Coverage Arranged?

Assigning a value to the belongings you intend to ship or store is your first step.  We have an easy to use form if you would like to use it and all of the details are outlined in our free Planning Guide.  We have several options and will spend time detailing these so you can select what is best for you.

  • Consider the replacement cost at destination for best protection.  Vehicles are different and should reflect the “blue book” or market value.
  • Under-insuring items can result in a reduced or pro-rated reimbursement by the insurance company in the event of a claim.
  • High valued items (anything in excess of $5,000) may need a statement of value such as an appraisal or purchase invoice.

Reach Your Destination 100% Sure And Safe

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