So this last weekend we moved into a new apartment, our first apartment after moving back to the US from Roatan. We have made a number of moves in my life. Across a city, across a state, across oceans. And I have learned a few things about moving. My best advice: make a “Day of Moving Kit” – this contains everything that you need so start setting up house. In our family this is

OECD lead indicator flags first signs of growth stabilization

The Port of Long Beach is shown in this aerial photograph taken above Long Beach, California August 5, 2015. Signs are emerging that a downturn in the United States and China, the world’s two biggest economies, may have bottomed out, the OECD’s monthly leading indicator showed on Wednesday. The Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said its leading indicator (CLI) for the United States improved to 98.95 in April from 98.93 in March, the first

AMJ Campbell Annual Sales Conference

AMJ Campbell’s sales team met for an Annual Sales conference usually held in the month of March. It’s a forum that brings the entire sales force from across Canada together for a few days of learning and networking to pave way for the year ahead. Each event comes with unique set of activities that take place and this year the team had a chance to participate in a team building session that involved an Axe throwing exercise. This was one

Chemistry while choosing an International Moving Company

When comparing products and services, the price is almost always a major determining factor in deciding which to select.  Throughout an evaluation, the rapport and trust developed between buyer and seller – whether in person, on-line or over the phone – can not be ignored. When applied to the household goods moving industry – but to many other businesses as well – it’s clear:  Our clients must FEEL, in their bones, that the mover, to whom they entrust their belongings, has


The UK has recently changed the customs clearance process for the application for relief from paying duty and tax on your used personal household effects as part of your transfer of residence (normal home) to the UK.  The Transfer of Residence online application (ToR) has been introduced replacing the now expired C3 form which was previously used until April 2017. The process is fairly straight forward and the main difference is that application must be submitted and processed by Customs before

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