The UK has recently changed the customs clearance process for the application for relief from paying duty and tax on your used personal household effects as part of your transfer of residence (normal home) to the UK.  The Transfer of Residence online application (ToR) has been introduced replacing the now expired C3 form which was previously used until April 2017.

The process is fairly straight forward and the main difference is that application must be submitted and processed by Customs before the shipment is dispatched to the UK.  The TOR can be completed online and submitted by E-mail attaching the general description of the goods you are intending to move which must include the inclusive/ individual values for the shipment (this does not need to be the insured value. The application should also include all supporting documents as attachments.

If you are moving to the UK, please reach out to us and we shall be delighted to assist with additional information on this process and on the options available if your move is rushed or last minute.