So this last weekend we moved into a new apartment, our first apartment after moving back to the US from Roatan. We have made a number of moves in my life. Across a city, across a state, across oceans. And I have learned a few things about moving. My best advice: make a “Day of Moving Kit” – this contains everything that you need so start setting up house. In our family this is the kit that mama is in charge of on moving day. It contains everything I need to get the house ready as hubby and whoever else is awesome enough to help bring in boxes. (FYI this post contains affiliate links, which means if you click thru and make a purchase illistyle gets a small percentage. Thank you for supporting illistyle.)

Here’s what I keep in my “Day of Moving Kit”:

1. Essentials

  • Notebook & Pen – you will have to take notes, what you need to buy for the house, things to ask/tell the landlord, reminders for yourself.
  • Sharpie – there always seems to be a reason to have a sharpie around like relabel boxes as you organize or make signs to direct the pizza delivery guy.
  • Shelf paper – after you have cleaned and before any cups or plates are in the shelves, get your shelf lining paper in there to protect your goods.
  • Scissors / box cutter – trim the shelf paper, open packages, and make a playhouse for the kids out of empty boxes.
  • Trash Bags

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