When comparing products and services, the price is almost always a major determining factor in deciding which to select.  Throughout an evaluation, the rapport and trust developed between buyer and seller – whether in person, on-line or over the phone – can not be ignored.

When applied to the household goods moving industry – but to many other businesses as well – it’s clear:  Our clients must FEEL, in their bones, that the mover, to whom they entrust their belongings, has integrity (character).  They must KNOW, without doubt, that the services promised can truly be carried out (competence).  And they must BELIEVE that a successful move is one in which both parties have a vested interest.

Think about the services and products you provide, or those which you procure.  Chemistry, that triad of character, competence and a common goal, is not listed as a line item on the quotation, but without it, the price is of little value.

This chemistry is summarized in the interesting graphic!